Faculty of Sciences & Fine Arts


The Faculty of Sciences and Fine Arts houses 6 academic departments and programs in three separate divisions:

The Division of Computer Science & Communication:

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Communication

The Division of Fine Arts:
  • Graphic Design
  • Interior Design

The Division of Basic Sciences:
  • Mathematics
  • Physics   

Today there are major forces driving change in sciences and technology. The profession is becoming more global every day. This changes who our students are, and the experiences our students will need in order to compete and thrive in the global profession. Our challenge is to live up to their expectations; to create the educational experiences that will allow them make the difference they care so passionately about, especially that the doubling of technology knowledge every five years or less has profound implications for curriculum, continuous learning, and collaboration. Therefore the following strategic objectives have been developed:
  • Recruiting and retaining outstanding students
  • Honoring and retaining outstanding faculty and staff
  • Promoting a high sense of community among students, staff, faculty and alumni
  • Preparing students for lifelong learning and leadership jobs in the engineering profession,
  • Conducting research leading to innovative technologies,
  • Establishing partnerships with industry, connecting both locally and globally
  • Continuing to develop and maintain an adequate infrastructure


The Faculty Board is composed of the deans and/or assistants (if any) and the Departments’ Chairpersons, headed by the Dean. The Faculty has committees with tasks assigned to it, delegated by the faculty. These committees are:
  • Admissions Committee
  • Curriculum Committee
  • Library Committee
  • Scientific Research Committee
  • Administrative Committee
  • Graduate Studies Committee
  • Human Resources Committee
These committees have executive functions in all procedural matters related to their direct interests. While in the planning tasks, it has only a consultative status towards the Faculty Board.

The faculty board looks in all of the matters raised by the Dean and departments especially the academic and administrative situations, the Faculty’s Academic policy, and the Student Affairs. The Faculty Board’s Responsibilities are as follows:

  • Helping the Dean in managing the faculty.
  • Studying the Faculty’s budget draft before it’s submitted to the University Board
  • Forming all non elected committees.
  • Making Decision in the Appointment and Promotion proposals incoming from the departments to the Board.
  • Proposing all the new programs that the departments intend to establish.
  • Studying all matters sent by the committees to the Board.
  • Approving the scientific activities, conferences and projects that the faculty intends to do.

The Faculty Board takes its decisions by the majority of the attendants. In case of a tie, the Dean has the casting vote. The minutes of the Faculty Board are sent to the University President.