Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Mahmoud Makkouk, PhD - Chairperson

Ever since its foundation, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities took a vow on itself to excel in its noble cause and mission. This is done through dedication, hard work, and open mindedness in following up the best methods in teaching through updating the students’ knowledge by affiliating to the best advanced and well known universities in the world whether in USA, Canada, France, U.K and Australia.

The language and Literature department ensures a continuous innovation of the entire program in order to provide the best updated knowledge to our students. The chairperson of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Dr. Mahmoud Makkouk, believes that “the ice is broken and what used to block the students’ vision exists no longer because they are well trained, experienced and full of confidence to meet life challenges”.

Since our mission is to help provide well balanced education between language and other major courses, our students’ abilities and critical thinking are sought to be developed inside and outside the university. They are trained to meet the world challenges.

Good command of language and well preparation made our University among the only five Universities whose diplomas are accredited and approved in UAE