Letter from the Chairman
  • AUL provides a broad range of undergraduate and post-graduate academic programs that
    align with high standard education requirements for the purpose of developing essential
    skills, knowledge, and critical thinking among the students. Our programs, in Arts and
    Sciences, Business and Computer, are tailored to meet the students’ needs according to
    their field of interest.
    In its pursuit of diversity and extension of opportunities, AUL paves the way to enroll
    students from all the Lebanese regions with various backgrounds and beliefs to learn and
    work together professionally and respectfully.
    As an AUL Community, we are indulged in maintaing high intellectual standards within
    a compelling learning environment that enhances the learning process and fosters liberal
    thinking which serve the benevolence of our society.
    In conclusion, the University has commitments to academic and personal integrity.
    Welcome aboard, and best of luck for all.
    Dr. Mostapha Hamzeh
    Chairman of The Board of Trustees