• AUL actively promotes an interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary approach to leadership
    as well as to the promulgation ofknowledge. It accepts as obvious that no single academic
    discipline can fully focus on man as a valuing, learning, communicating, consuming and
    caring being. Instead, AUL integrates the many disciplines that contribute to an understanding of the human being and makes
    this "inter¬discipline” the core ofits educational programs at allleve1s. Every student at AUL is viewed as a potential leader
    whose perspective on human behaviour may not only affect his/ her own life, but the future of the world at large. AUL endeavours
    to provide the disciplinary and inter-disciplinary foundation that prepares men and women not just to cope with the
    world but to actively embrace and stimulate it.
    Believing that exposure to nationally and internationally recognised authorities is the best service a university can offer its
    students, AUL teams include distinguished regular professors with other able faculty members who provide more than one
    perspective and more than one role model, and then offers the student opportunities to participate actively in the exchange
    process. AUL does not utilise the graduate teaching assistant system, every class, from freshman-level, general education,
    or to the most advanced masters-level specialisation, is taught by a fully qualified faculty member. Typically a course is
    presented in four instructional modes:
    LECTURE PRESENTATION-what the professor, as an authority, thinks, as well as his/ her interpre¬tation of the thoughts
    of others; RESEARCH LABORATORY-what others think and have expressed in the literature of the field; SEMINAR-what
    the students and professor think together as a result of stimulating discussion and debate;
    REACTION AND RESEARCH REPORTS-what the student thinks for himself / herself as a result of this exposure to the
    thoughts ofthe professor, other authorities, and fellow students.
    Dr.Adnan Hamzeh
    President of AUL