Admissions Requirements and Procedures
  • AUL places special emphasis on the development of quality education, continuous improvements and therefore employs selective measures in identifying and working with qualified faculty, competent staff and good candidates to our programs. Applicants are considered on the basis of their qualification, attitudes toward continuous quality learning, and good character without any discrimination.

    AUL selection of students is also based on their personal characteristics and career goals in harmony with the University’s philosophy and programs. We see these traits as : concern for what happens to other people; an optimistic and hopeful attitude; a willingness to search for ways to be constructive; enjoyment of learning and high motivation; high integrity; being trusting and trustworthy; capacity to succeed as a scholar; and commitment to the purposes and the goals of the University.

    AUL looks for these attitudes and personality traits in prospective students because they distinguish them as persons likely to succeed as students, as citizens of the University community and as persons who want to help provide leadership in building a better world.

    Admissions Criteria and Application procedure for all Bachelor Degree Programs

    An Applicant is required to fill out in full the AUL Application Form which can be obtained from the Admission Office. The application is accompanied by a non-refundable Application Fee, advised upon application. This form should be received at the Admissions Office at the dates announced by the university. All applications are required to be supported with the following information / documents (stated in the application) to be handed in to the Admissions Office:
    • A certified copy of the applicant’s passport or identity card; 
    • Copies of the applicant’s official certificates and /or diplomas; 
    • Entrance examinations results, or their equivalent, and any other tests scores which may be required;
    Applicants may be required to obtain a recommendation letter from their secondary or technical school principles which will be submitted directly to the Admissions Office. The university may provide a standard Recommendation Form for this purpose. All applicants are asked to spell their name and identify their nationalities as declared on the application form that may not be changed after enrollment except through a petition to the University’s appropriate committee supported with the presentation of new documents. The University may enter the new information under “remarks” on the transcript of records. Application for admission submitted by transfer students is required to be supported with:
    • Items listed above 
    • An official transcript of records and a catalogue from the previous college or university attended. 
    • Applicants must be aware that undeclared transcripts on the date of admission may not be accepted after enrollment. Applicants must be aware that all documents presented by them to complete a file for admission become the property of AUL. Accepted or rejected applications may not be permitted to claim them back.

    Requirements for Admission to the Sophomore Class

    Holders of the Lebanese Baccalaureate, II, are required to sit for the Math and English Entrance Examinations which is administered by AUL.

    Students holding other official certificates or high school diplomas are eligible for entrance to the sophomore class if: their certificates are recognized by the Lebanese Ministry of Education as being equivalent to the

    Lebanese Baccalaureate II, and provided they sit for the Math and English Entrance Examinations which are administered by AUL.

    Students entering AUL must demonstrate high English language proficiency. Demonstrating proficiency skills in English language means that students entering AUL should have either passed: 
    • TOEFL with a score of 210, or IELTS with a score of 5.5, IBT 75 
    • University English Level course at another recognized institution, or 
    • AUL English Entrance Exams are, from now on, Computer Based Tests (CBT).

    Depending on the score received, the student might be accepted as Sophomore, or asked to take Intensive English or rejected. Students accepted as Sophomores should sit for the English Placement Test which determines whether they should take the remedial English courses or not.

    Entrance Placement Tests

    New students with the required EEE score, or its equivalent of 210 and/or above in the TOEFL must sit for an English Placement Test administered by AUL’s English Department. Based on the results of this Placement Test, students will be placed in the appropriate level of English. Students placed in English Level I, a six credit course, must take an additional English course, Level II, another 6 credit course before joining the university program. A student placed in English level I or Level II is allowed to take a maximum of 9 additional credits during the semester.  

    Transfer students will be placed in the appropriate level of English class either on the basis of the English Placement Test results or the credits accepted as equivalent to AUL’s English courses. Should transfer students require remedial English courses, English for Special Purposes is normally allocated to them. Math and Physics placement tests are required according to major and students may need remedial classes as per their results. Placement test results are valid for one academic year.  

    Intensive English Regulations

    A student who does not score the required average may apply for the Intensive English Program. The passing grade for the Intensive English Program is a “P” or “C”. Those students who earn a “D” may be placed in further English remedial courses. Those students with “F” result will be allowed to repeat the Intensive English Program only once. Those who fail must seek English instruction elsewhere. The final exam grades in the Intensive English Program will determine the placement of the students in the English course sequence. 

    Admission Requirements to Master Degrees

    Students who wish to be admitted to a Master degree program are expected to have satisfactorily completed an undergraduate degree from a recognized institution which is equivalent to AUL undergraduate degree.

    All Applicants must have upon entry to graduate study a minimum (G.P.A) grade point average of 3.00. Students who did not graduate from an undergraduate institution where English is the teaching media, must present a 210 TOEFL or 5.5 IELTS score or attend special graduate English level as a second language course of study until the appropriate level of competency (in English) is established.

    Deferred Enrollment

    A student who is admitted to AUL may choose to defer enrollment for up to one semester from the originally intended date of admission.